[mercury-users] Switching on strings

Thomas Conway conway at mds.rmit.edu.au
Thu Jul 24 13:48:06 AEST 2003

On Thursday 24 July 2003 11:55, Ralph Becket wrote:
>  Plus, I
> get results sooner from the Mercury program because I don't have to
> spend heaps of time in gdb tracking down bugs in a C program.

The value of this tradeoff is great for developers, but unfortunately 
diminishes greatly if the resulting program is long running, or as is the 
case for the product I work on, is a server where more cycles = fewer 
concurrent users. I've discovered that in practice, the "buy a faster 
machine" argument doesn't work when you customer is already buying a 
multimillion dollar 64 cpu box. You just have to make to code go faster.

Back to dbx to figure out why my code is still trying to use that pointer 
after the memory got freed.... :-(

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