[mercury-users] Switching on strings

Ralph Becket rafe at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Thu Jul 24 13:55:59 AEST 2003

Thomas Conway, Thursday, 24 July 2003:
> The value of this tradeoff is great for developers, but unfortunately 
> diminishes greatly if the resulting program is long running, or as is the 
> case for the product I work on, is a server where more cycles = fewer 
> concurrent users. I've discovered that in practice, the "buy a faster 
> machine" argument doesn't work when you customer is already buying a 
> multimillion dollar 64 cpu box. You just have to make to code go faster.
> <sigh>

Is it really the case that the majority of your application logic is on
the critical path?  Or is the problem more along the lines of garbage
collection simply not being an option?

-- Ralph
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