[mercury-users] Newbie questions

John Eikenberry jae at zhar.net
Mon Dec 11 15:52:48 AEDT 2000

Tyson Dowd wrote:

> There's an implementation of a POSIX library in the mercury-extras
> libraries.
> extras/posix/posix.select.m
> Has code for doing select.
> (I haven't used this code myself, so I'm not sure whether it has suffered
> any bit-rot since it was written).

Thanks for the pointer. I had thought that extras was included in the
Debian package. My mistake. I just downloaded it from the Mercury site.
It compiles fine and the little hello world app that comes with it runs

To use it in an app I'll do something like copy its lib files (.so,.a), .m
files and the .h files to /usr/local/lib/mercury/posix. Then I'll add
listings of these to my Mmakefile via EXTRA_LIB_DIR and EXTRA_LIBRARIES. Or
sould I separate them into /usr/local/lib/mercury/posix/[int,lib,inc]?
These seem more like what Mmake.vars expects?

Thanks again,


John Eikenberry
[jae at zhar.net - http://zhar.net]
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