[mercury-users] Newbie questions

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Dec 11 18:58:55 AEDT 2000

On 10-Dec-2000, John Eikenberry <jae at zhar.net> wrote:
> Tyson Dowd wrote:
> > There's an implementation of a POSIX library in the mercury-extras
> > libraries.
> Thanks for the pointer. I had thought that extras was included in the
> Debian package.

Nope.  The reason for that is that some parts of the extras
distribution (e.g. the CLP(R) stuff) have license conditions that
don't meet the Debian definition of free software, so they can't be
included in the main Debian distribution.

> To use it in an app I'll do something like copy its lib files (.so,.a), .m
> files and the .h files to /usr/local/lib/mercury/posix.  Then I'll add
> listings of these to my Mmakefile via EXTRA_LIB_DIR and EXTRA_LIBRARIES.  Or
> sould I separate them into /usr/local/lib/mercury/posix/[int,lib,inc]?
> These seem more like what Mmake.vars expects?

To install the Posix library, do the following:

	cd extras/posix
	mmake libposix.depend
	mmake libposix.install INSTALL_PREFIX=/my/install/dir LIBGRADES=
	cp *.h /my/install/dir/lib/mercury/inc

If you want to install versions of the Posix library that are compiled
with debugging, profiling, etc. then leave off the "LIBGRADES=".
If you want to install in the same place as the other Mercury
libraries, then leave off the "INSTALL_PREFIX=/my/install/dir".

Then in your application's Mmakefile put

	EXTRA_LIB_DIRS = /whatever/lib/mercury

This is documented in the "Libraries" chapter of the Mercury user
guide, in particular the last section.

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