[mercury-users] Newbie questions

Tyson Dowd trd at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Dec 11 13:44:50 AEDT 2000

On 10-Dec-2000, John Eikenberry <jae at zhar.net> wrote:
> I've just started teaching myself Mercury. As a first fun teaching project
> I'd like to write a robot for RealTimeBattles, a robot battle sim game. To
> do this I need to figure out how to either handle Unix signals or the libc
> select function (I'm doing this in linux). After hunting around the docs
> and the email archives, I'm still not sure how either of these would work
> in Mercury. 
> Based on some of the discussions in the email archive, it seems like the
> select function isn't supported yet. It did seem like there is support for
> signals though, based on some conversations and m-dev postings from '98.
> I'd really appreciate a pointer to some docs/examples on either of these
> (preferably both).

There's an implementation of a POSIX library in the mercury-extras


Has code for doing select.

(I haven't used this code myself, so I'm not sure whether it has suffered
any bit-rot since it was written).

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