[mercury-users] Mercury on VC++

Michel Vanden Bossche mvb at miscrit.be
Fri Aug 20 18:02:44 AEST 1999


> Was there any success with the efforts to port Mercury to Visual C++?  If
> the stuff I'm doing ever goes anywhere, then I'll fall foul of the current
> Cygwin GPL on the Windows platform.  

Mission Critical will get a reasonably stable version in a few weeks. We
have struggled a lot for different reasons:

- the compiler is a moving target (release of day ;-) and the "make" is
  very Unix dependent;

- COM (client) was delayed due to problems in typeclasses;

- socket support had to be rewritten because our previous version
  was based on the Unix model (no distinction between file and
  network streams); this has an impact on the IO library.

Renaud Paquay is currently busy with the finalisation of COM support and
the integration while Paul Massey is in charge of the socket support.
Renaud will let you know, in more detail, were we are.

Anyway, we have started developing serious NT applications in a
controlled way. As the objective is to build mission-critical
application software (mainly in the mid tier), we are still concerned by
two issues:

- exception handling
- COM server

While the first problem is manageable, the second is a formidable task.

But it's an exciting adventure.


Michel Vanden Bossche
Mission Critical
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