[mercury-users] Question

Maria Garcia de la Banda mbanda at floyd.cs.monash.edu.au
Fri Aug 20 17:08:38 AEST 1999


I am trying to define a predicate which among other things receives a
function as first argument, applies something to it, and returns the
resulting function. For example:

:- mode out(T) :: new -> T.

:- pred try(func(int,int)=int,int,func(int) = int).
:- mode try(func(in,in) = out is det,in,out(func(in) = out is det)) is det.

        Z = apply(X,Y).

But the compiler complains about the type of X not being func(A) = B. Am I
doing anything wrong? is there a better way to do it? is this simply not
supported in Mercury? Thanks for the help!



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