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Fergus Henderson fjh at
Thu Feb 27 06:40:39 AEDT 1997

Wim Peeters <wpeeters at>, you wrote:
> Hello !!
> I am Wim Peeters, a last year computer science student at the VUB (Vrije
> Universiteit Brussel) in Brussels, Belgium.  For my thesis, I am using
> Mercury.
> Could you tell me if there exists a database-facility/interface in
> Mercury, 'cause I need that fr my thesis.  Otherwise, I would have to use
> something like MSQL in C.

Currently there isn't any database interface.

The Mercury group and the Aditi group here have been working on
interfacing Mercury to Aditi, which is Melbourne Uni's deductive
database.  However, that is still at a fairly early stage of
development, and isn't likely to be available in the near future.

We have also been doing some work on compiling very large tables of facts,
i.e. read-only databases.  This is also work-in-progress, but it is likely
to be ready for the next release.

But for the moment at least you will have to stick to using the C interface.


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