[mercury-users] Re: Mercury Databases

Michel Vanden Bossche mvb at miscrit.be
Thu Feb 27 19:13:26 AEDT 1997

Wim Peeters <wpeeters at is1.vub.ac.be>, you wrote:

> Could you tell me if there exists a database-facility/interface in
> Mercury, 'cause I need that fr my thesis.  Otherwise, I would have to use
> something like MSQL in C.

While the Mercury group is working on challenging objectives such as
integration with Aditi, Renaud Paquay, from Mission Critical, is just
completing the development of a Mercury module that offers an ODBC
interface. The current beta is evaluated in the context of a Data
Warehousing application. If your are interested, let us know.

A side remark: Mission Critical MC is a software house which focuses on:

- building mission-critical packaged software;
- on high performance distributed commodity platforms (Windows NT);
- for well identified market segments (finance, healthcare, telecom);
- using software technologies based on solid theoretical foundations;
- correctly integrated with the still needed procedural environment.

The software technology platform currently used by MC is a combination
of Prolog and OOP (mainly C++ and class libraries):

- Prolog is used for the critical kernel of the applications;
- OOP is used for the less critical GUI, DB, networking, etc.

As we are well aware of the limitations of Prolog, we are evaluating the
shift from Prolog to Mercury to build complex and evolving real-life

Michel Vanden Bossche
Mission Critical

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