[mercury-users] Mercury Documentation

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.oz.au
Thu Feb 27 07:22:35 AEDT 1997

Donald Y. Song, you wrote:
> Would someone be kind enough to zip up the Mercury HTML documentation
> for downloading?  I prefer to use the browser to read the documentation,
> but the link from the US to Australia can be unreliable at times.

The Mercury source and binary distributions include the HTML documentation,
so you could download one of those.

But I've put copies of the latest documentation at


> Of course this will be for private use, I will not be violating any
> copyrights by putting it on a web server or anything.

If you read the copyright notices on the documentation, you will
see that we grant you permission to copy it.  I wouldn't have
any objection to anyone putting the documentation up on the Web,
just so long as they keep it reasonably up-to-date.

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