[m-dev.] [for review] HTML doc on bytecode file format.

Bert Thompson aet at cs.mu.oz.au
Tue Apr 8 12:18:45 AEST 1997

|> www/developer/Bytecode.html:
|> 	Added this file.
|Is there a reason why this is capitalised, whereas every other html file
|is in lowercase?

The most of the others are all uppercase, in fact. I'd noted the

If someone's willing to say "I'm happy to have all the files <insert
preferred case here>", I'll make the change. (That would constitute a

|> <li> enter_commit (19)
|> 	<ul>
|> 	<li> temp (short) <br>
|> 		XXX: what's this for?
|> 	</ul>
|> 	XXX: how does this work?
|Lots of ???s and XXXs. I think you should keep the documentation off the
|webpage until it's a little bit surer of itself.
|You diff didn't show you linking Bytecode.html from documentation.html,
|but you did so in your committed change. Can you undo that?

I thought the same. (That's why the diff didn't show the link.)

But then I reconsidered... 

These are docs for the developers, afterall, and hence should have no 
pretense to perfection. I think we should uniformly put all docs on 
the web and not have exceptions because a document is not yet perfect.
Shoving the docs in the closet will make us neglect them.[*]
Making them public embarrasses us into keeping them useful. 8^)

Opinions may (and probably do) differ.[**]


[*] You may already have noted some obsolescence in the docs in compiler/notes.
[**] Should there be any vitriolic disagreement, I can easily
put the XXX comments into <!-- HTML comments --->. To me, seems more like 
a social nicety than useful work.

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