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yael yaelikimchi at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 01:43:51 AEDT 2020


My name is Yael,
Me and my friend got assigned at school to build a compiler with the Mercury language.
We are trying to install Mercury but we cant seem to find how.
I downloaded the program version 20.01.1  from your website, read the INSTALL file.
I went to the link you put there to download GNU C and GNU make.
GNU C is not anywhere to be found in that website.
I did  to download GNU make but have no idea how to move on from there.
Also, whatever I download and extract are a bunch of files and not a program to be ran.
I have a hard time even to relies what exactly am I looking for.
I have Prolog installed on my pc if that helps.

Could you help us download the program properly?

Thank you,
Yael Copperman,
JCT Academy
Jerusalem, Israel

הודעת דוא"ל זו נבדקה לאיתור וירוסים על ידי תוכנת האנטי-וירוס של avast.

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