[mercury-users] best practices for packaging libraries

Sean Johnson sean at snootymonkey.com
Sat Jul 7 23:35:27 AEST 2012


What are the libraries? I'm curious.

I think a packaging system is probably a bit ambitious right now given the amount of 3rd party library activity there is. But maybe someday. We can hope.

One suggestion would be to put each of your libraries in a public github repo. Then we can have a wiki list of Mercury libraries that's linked from the mercurylang.org site. Authors of new libraries can simply add their library's public repo to the wiki with a description of what it does. 

What do you all think of that idea? If someone with access to mercurylang.org likes it enough to add the link, and you Michael like it enough to start with your libraries, I'll take it upon myself to set up the wiki page. 

Seems better than the mercury_extras approach which is then in CVS and out of the control of the 3rd party library developer, not open to forking and pull requests, etc.


On Friday, July 6, 2012 at 5:00 PM, Michael Hendricks wrote:

> I've written a few small Mercury libraries that might be useful to the broader Mercury community.  Many languages have a central repository or standard packaging guidelines for libraries (Perl's CPAN, Ruby's Gems, Haskell's Hackage, etc).  Are there similar guidelines from the Mercury community?  What can I do as a library author to make my library easy to find and reuse?
> Thanks.
> -- Michael

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