[mercury-users] more Mercury homework: "Mercuryfy" some simple Prolog

Jean-Marc Vanel jeanmarc.vanel at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 00:30:15 AEST 2010


I'm in the middle of translating into Mercury some simple Prolog from the
book "the Art Of Prolog" , namely Program 2.1:  Defining family
relationships :

        uncle(Uncle,Person) :-
                brother(Uncle,Parent), parent(Parent,Person).

And, again, I do not find much help in the documentation.

First , I put this is interface :
:- type person.

But, then, what to put in the implementation, which would the equivalent of
an empty class in Java ?

A 2nd problem is with pure database predicates (primitives), like brother. I
put this :
:- pred brother( person, person) is multi .
:- mode brother( in, out ) is multi .
:- mode brother( out, in ) is multi .

But the compiler is not happy :
Error: no clauses for predicate `brother'/2.

Let's suppose that brother/2 is provided by external facts .

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