[mercury-users] Mercury release-of-the-day not compiling on Windows

Sergey Khorev sergey.khorev at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 06:18:23 AEDT 2010


> I downloaded yesterday's release-of-the-day, but ran into compilation errors (see below).
> (Tried two different windows machines, Win32 and Win64, each fails differently)

In my experience, problems with cygwin could be caused by antivirus software.

> Would it be possible to request new binaries on http://code.google.com/p/winmercury/,
> containing the new CSharp back end?

As Julien pointed out, winmercury is an unofficial build. Feel free to
drop me an email if you have any feedback re it.
There are plans to add C# and/or Java back-end once new stable version
of Mercury is released... Hm, at least to make an attempt to add.,,
Until then I will not be making new builds.

Sergey Khorev
Can anybody think of a good tagline I can steal?
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