[mercury-users] lex updates?

Michael Day mikeday at bigpond.net.au
Mon Sep 24 16:17:07 AEST 2001

> Admittedly Ralph did some further cosmetic modifications of my last version
> so I would like him to provide the code. If not, I could send you the diff
> for check-in.

How about it, Ralph?

> One further issue: We also regularly use a combination of lex and
> moose for prototypical work. It works quite well. It is based on a
> version of moose which I create based on the one in cvs. The new
> version allows unique modes.

I'm a little curious about this. I believe you said that you added a
command line option to moose to choose between unique and non-unique
modes; was this just to make it easier for you to develop the patch, or
are there benefits to using the old code when using non-unique modes?
Otherwise it seems like you could just switch to your new code exclusively
and give the parser two mode declarations. (Although... this would double
the code size for most users unnecessarily? Oh well, forget it then).

> If there is some interest in this I could provide the diff, too. But
> before this I would like to hear from the original creator (Thomas
> Conway, I deem), about his further plans with moose.

It would be nice if this was available too, even if it doesn't get checked
in immediately. lex and moose are both very handy :)


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