[m-dev.] Almost ready to merge the update_boehm branch

Julien Fischer jfischer at opturion.com
Wed Sep 23 13:06:51 AEST 2015

Hi Paul,

On Wed, 23 Sep 2015, Paul Bone wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 11:54:31AM +1000, Julien Fischer wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> On Wed, 23 Sep 2015, Paul Bone wrote:
>>> I'm almost ready to merge the upgrade_boehm branch.
>>> Once it's merged you will need to use the prepare.sh script to prepare your
>>> checkout before running configure (see below).
>> Neither of the issues I raised here
>> <http://www.mercurylang.org/list-archives/developers/2015-January/016237.html>
>> appear to have been addressed.  prepare.sh will still attempt to create
>> symbolic links on systems that don't support them.
> Okay, I can fix that.
>> Related to the above, is the new verison of the collector arranged in
>> such a way that the source distribution will build on all systems?
> Who knows?  I don't ahve all systems here.
> Can someone test on OS X,

I can test it on OS X.  (I tried the updated collector back last time
this was looked at and it was fine on OS X -- my main concern is
ensuring that the Windows version works.)

> I can try to test on a windows virtual machine but
> I really don't know what the "correct" way to setup a development
> environment on windows is.

There are (too) many "correct" ways, for example:


(And the above completely ignores the existence of clang!)

The Mercury specific stuff is (or at least ought to be ) documented
starting with README.MS-Windows.

> So far I've been testing on Linux, I can also
> test on FreeBSD.
>> When I last looked at this branch there seemed to be a bunch of new tool
>> dependencies, for example libtool.  Is this still the case?  If so, what
>> are the new dependencies?
> AFAIK libtool is the only dependency.  Keeping in mind that any extra
> dependencies are only for building from git.  The source distribution orght
> to be unaffected (which I will test this afternoon).

Could you prepare a source distribution from the branch and make it
available for people to test?  I would like to confirm that it works on
at least Linux, OS X and Windows before the merge.


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