[m-dev.] Practical mmake

Eric Taucher gluon at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 12 05:23:32 AEST 2007

While I like working on modifying Mercury to work with Microsoft .NET 2.0,
trying to figure out how to use mmake practically and efficiently is
something that eludes me.


If it is not too much to ask can some one show examples of the following
mmake command lines?

1.	Installing only the asm_fast.gc grade as a bootstrap. 
2.	Installing a second grade using the bootstrap.
3.	Installing only GRADE=il using the bootstrap.
4.	Building a default library.
5.	Building GRADE=<custom> library
6.	Building GRADE=il library
7.	Installing GRADE=<custom> library
8.	Installing GRADE=il library
9.	Building a specific module in the default grade.
10.	Installing a specific module in the default grade.
11.	Building a specific module with GRADE=il.
12.	Installing a specific module with GRADE=il.


Why, when and how are dependencies to be made?


Are there any conditions were make should be used instead of mmake?


If there are any other things that I am too inexperienced to ask, please
include them.


While I do know some of the simpler processes, I hope that other beginners
find the answer useful.



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