[m-dev.] extras/references/Mmakefile contains hardcoded grades.

Keri Harris harriskeri at clear.net.nz
Sun Apr 2 20:06:30 AEST 2006

It appears that the extras/references package does not
compile 'out-of-the-box' under certain circumstances.
extras/references/Mmakefile sets 'LIBGRADES = asm_fast.gc.tr
asm_fast.gc.tr.debug', but these grades may not be installed, and mmake
install would fail with link errors.

Would using the same rationale for determining grades as in the (now
deprecated) extras/clpr work here? The clpr Mmakefile determined the grades
in the following manner:

	# If we try to build the default set of grades and specify trailing is
	# required, we're likely to try to build libraries for many grades which
	# are not installed, resulting in link errors.  As a result, we would like
	# to just try to build those grades which already have a trailing component.
	# Unfortunately, Make does not have a convenient way of selecting words in
	# which a particular pattern appears in the *middle* of the word (only one
	# wildcard available).  The following delightful hack gets around this,
	# while preserving grade order and making sure we don't accidentally match
	# any other grade component which starts with `tr'.
	LIBGRADES = $(foreach grade,$(LIBGRADES), \
			$(subst .tr.,$(grade),$(findstring .tr.,$(grade))) \
			$(filter %.tr,$(grade)))


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