[m-dev.] For review: Using MR_TypeCtorInfo for generated type_ctor_infos

Warwick Harvey wharvey at cs.monash.edu.au
Mon Aug 9 11:16:11 AEST 1999

Fergus wrote:
> The reason you didn't get any guidance about what the right way to fix
> the problem is that none of us knew off-hand what the right fix was.
> Note that when reviewing your code I spent quite a bit of time researching
> the issue -- looking at the source code, checking the old cvs log messages,
> and so forth.

Yes, sorry about that.  It was the end of a rather long week.  :-(

Rationally, I know what you say is true.  Rationally, I know also that 
between my first and second emails on a particular topic, things can happen 
in your head which mean you have more insight into a problem the second time 
around, and can see difficulties you didn't the first time (I'm talking 
generally here, not about the current thread).

Rationally, I know all this...  But it doesn't stop me getting frustrated 
when it happens.  :-)

I think part of the problem is my physical remoteness: I can't just stick my 
head around the door and ask a quick question or have a brief discussion, or 
pick your brains over a game of bridge.  :-)  I know there's the telephone, 
but I usually find that a lousy medium for this kind of thing.  And email 
can have such high overhead and latency that the amount of effort one 
invests before even considering sending email is much higher, with a 
corresponding increase in the amount of time "wasted" searching for the 
right answer (though of course often much of it is not wasted --- e.g. one 
can learn a lot along the way which is useful down the track --- but the 
perception is there).

Anyway, sorry to trouble you with all this, but I think that now I've been 
able to express it I'll find it much easier to deal with in future.

Either that or I'll have to start coming to Melbourne Uni more often.  :-)


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