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Good point about the undo, after running, using 'undo' reverts the entire buffer and seems happy to play ball!
I finished it late last night and after a small horror moment about wondering if I wasted my efforts (I don't think I did), I tweaked some nano stuff and finally it works.

I added a syntax rule so that `error lines` show up in red, and they are inserted as comments so they don't stuff up the next run of the compiler... the rule is that yo read it, act on it, delete it. Seems to be working well for me. Today I will finish up the blog post, upload a new GitHub project with the offending code and then... just maybe I will make a small YT video... I've always held back because, being from the West-Country (Devon, not SW London) I hate the sound of my own voice, something of a barrier to making commentary coding content. At age 56 you'd think I'd given up caring but obv. not.

But it triggered a short-sharp creative burst of recreational Mercury which has to be worth it every time.

....so....I just spent some time reading the code for your version...I learned some stuff and you have a much better way of parsing errors IMO... it's also funny how two people can approach the same fundamental problem and come up with two widely differing code sets! This is why software is art, not engineering, for me it is anyway.

Well, warts and all, mine is going live and I continue to use it because I wrote it. I will be studying your code more too! It's definitely way more idiomatic and where I want to be heading towards.



> On 3 Mar 2022, at 23:04, Paul Bone <paul at bone.id.au> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 03, 2022 at 10:57:13PM +0000, Sean Charles (emacstheviking) wrote:
>> OK, a teaser... in the last hour I just finished 'it' and it works well enough for me to be a third of the way writing up a small blog post about it...for one awful moment I thought I'd wasted my time with it. Stay tuned...
>> ...but...
>> ...in one of your videos you mentioned something called 'err' which you said puts errors into the source so you can read it. I thought that was such an elegantly simple idea I immediately chose to write one for nano and integrate it via the external formatter command. Nano, with a hand rolled syntax file based on the prolog one, is my editor of choice now for Mercury, and Kitty.app, the BEST terminal emulator I've discovered.
> "error".  It's going to be hard to find using google.
> https://github.com/Mercury-Language/mercury/tree/master/extras/error <https://github.com/Mercury-Language/mercury/tree/master/extras/error>
> Which of course is so simple that it works with any editor.  Provided you're
> happy to reload the file each time you compile, which has the side-effect of
> loosing your undo list.  Having something more tightly integrated with the
> editor is going to be smoother to use (so it's cool you're working on that).
>> In the next day or so I will push the code to github, publish the post and reveal all! TBH I could have achieved the same thing in a few lines of python code but...that's day job stuff, and besides I am so utterly into Mercury that I don't really need much of a reason to go off on a tangential hacking spree with it!
>> Plasma looks cool too. Irony.
> Thanks.
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