[m-users.] Spawning external process

Zoltan Somogyi zoltan.somogyi at runbox.com
Sat Jul 16 23:54:40 AEST 2022

2022-07-16 23:37 GMT+10:00 "Sean Charles (emacstheviking)" <objitsu at gmail.com>:
> J Fondren: https://github.com/jrfondren/mmc-doc <https://github.com/jrfondren/mmc-doc>

I just had a look at this tool, and I see that

- it contains a baked-in list of the modules of the Mercury standard library, but
- this list has not been updated this year, so it is missing the new modules such as io.call_system.

It looks like this tool will be able to tell you about new standard library modules
only when one or the other is fixed.


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