[m-users.] Uncaught mercury exception: key not found

Zoltan Somogyi zoltan.somogyi at runbox.com
Fri Jul 16 19:56:05 AEST 2021

2021-07-16 19:47 GMT+10:00 "Sean Charles (emacstheviking)" <objitsu at gmail.com>:

> Making Mercury/cs/ast.c
> Uncaught Mercury exception:
> Software Error: map.lookup: key not found
>         Key Type: int
>         Key Value: 0
>         Value Type: hlds.hlds_pred.proc_info
> ** Error making `Mercury/cs/ast.c'.
> make: *** [felt] Error 1
> The terminal process "/bin/zsh '-c', 'make -f Makefile'" terminated with exit code: 2.
> I then did a ‘make clean’ first just in case but other than a longer list of files being built, it still gave the same error.
> How do I go about tracking down the cause of this?

You don't. That is an internal compiler error.

> I have attached the absolute mess of a file that is ast.m in case it helps,

Thanks for that, but since ast.m is not a standalone program, *and* it is being
compiled with intermodule optimization, it is not enough; we need either

- the whole program, i.e. all the .m files in the program, or
- ast.m, plus all the .int*, .opt and .trans_opt files of all the other modules
  in the program.

If you send that to us, I will take a look.


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