[m-users.] Uncaught mercury exception: key not found

Sean Charles (emacstheviking) objitsu at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 19:47:52 AEST 2021

I have had this twice in the last week:

mmc -s hlc.gc -O4 --intermodule-optimization -E -ledit -llinenoise -lc++ --make felt
Making Mercury/int3s/ast.int3
Making Mercury/ints/ast.int
Making Mercury/opts/ast.opt
Making Mercury/opts/command_line.opt
Making Mercury/opts/felt.opt
Making Mercury/opts/repl.opt
Making Mercury/cs/ast.c
Uncaught Mercury exception:
Software Error: map.lookup: key not found
        Key Type: int
        Key Value: 0
        Value Type: hlds.hlds_pred.proc_info
** Error making `Mercury/cs/ast.c'.
make: *** [felt] Error 1
The terminal process "/bin/zsh '-c', 'make -f Makefile'" terminated with exit code: 2.

I then did a ‘make clean’ first just in case but other than a longer list of files being built, it still gave the same error.

How do I go about tracking down the cause of this? I am re-doing my parser having spent a lot of time playing with code, learning about and-or trees, all sorts. I was locked and loaded ready to tackle it head on and smash it etc etc and then I git this! :D

I have attached the absolute mess of a file that is ast.m in case it helps, hopefully it won’t get scrubbed away. No laughing, I am still learning! Basically I commented out loads of ‘old’ code and was working towards getting a core parser and gradually increasing its reach one compile at a time as I have a REPL I can exercise it from.


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