[m-users.] Link-time optimization

Massimo Dentico m.dentico at virgilio.it
Sat Jun 13 23:05:03 AEST 2020

Sorry Julien for the duplicate, this was intended to all the
mailing-list, not just to you.

On 13/06/2020 06:21, Julien Fischer wrote:
 > [...]
 > It's mentioned in a couple of places (README.Cygwin and
 > README.MS-VisualC) but not anywhere I suspect you would have looked
 > given the platform you are using; I'll move it to a more obvious spot.
 > We should probably just support "mercury" as a synonym for "mmc" on
 > all systems rather than just for systems targeting MSVC as we do now.

Thanks, this will be useful.

When the build failed I was perplexed: I thought "where the hell is
from this mmc.exe"? Never heard of it even if it's part of a standard
installation since Windows 2000.

Massimo A. Dentico

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