[m-users.] installing Mercury on Ubuntu

Paul Bone paul at bone.id.au
Tue Jun 23 13:21:45 AEST 2015

On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 05:58:28PM -0700, nll at dent.vctlabs.com wrote:
> Hello Paul and all,
> I included the original message and responded to all.  I do not know if that
> was the right thing to do.  Please let me know if I have blundered.

You havn't done anything wrong.  Often people will reply below someone else
as I am doing now so that context is available for each message.  Sometimes
this means deleting parts of the original message that are not relevant to
what's currently being said.

Everyone has their preferences for mailing list etiquite, however having a
hard line between "right" and "wrong" will only make you dissapointed
because different people will always have different opinions.  What's more
important is that people are respecful of one-another.

> Yes, Gentoo uses source builds for most installs.  There are some binary
> builds available.  Firefox is an example.  It will not build on my Gentoo
> computer, because the load takes too much disk space.  Firefox also takes a
> long time to compile.  Mercury did take quite a while to compile, because of
> all the grades.
> The source that I downloaded was a development snapshot for 14.01.  I see
> that you have moved on to 14.02.  At the time I was thinking that it might
> be of interest to the developers to have an instance running on Ubuntu.
> However, as you see, I did not get it installed in a timely mmanner, so I
> suppose that concept may have been overcome by events. Anyway thanks for
> your propmt responses, and I will try to figure out what to do. If a
> snapshot is a git release, perhaps I need to download the regular release of
> 14.02 instead.

You can use any version you like.  Many of the developers and community use
Debian and Ubuntu (including myself) so you shouldn't have any problems.

The current stable release is 14.01.1, the current beta is
14.01.2-beta-2015-02-18 and the current development version is
rotd-2015-06-22.  Many of us use the devepment version for day-to-day use.

Paul Bone

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