[m-users.] seg fault, 64 bit

Tomas By tomas at basun.net
Sat Jun 8 04:38:55 AEST 2013

Hi all,

I am getting this error on Ubuntu 64 bit, with Mercury 13.05:

| *** Mercury runtime: caught segmentation violation ***
| cause: address not mapped to object
| address involved: (nil)
| This may have been caused by a stack overflow, due to unbounded recursion.
| exiting from signal handler
| Segmentation fault (core dumped)

with these settings:

| MERCURY_OPTIONS=--detstack-size 3000000 --nondetstack-size 3000000

and this amount of data (output of wc):

| 289358  1735415 33502285 total

Does this behaviour seem reasonable?

Any ideas about anything I can change?

Is there another way to set the stack sizes? It seems that MCFLAGS in
Mmake no longer works.


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