[m-users.] Windows distribution?

Mark Green mgreen at brookes.ac.uk
Fri Jun 7 04:21:44 AEST 2013


I have managed to create a useful build of Mercury for Windows; it needs
MSYS and it has only the minimal GCC grades, but it is still enough to use
the language and to bootstrap a higher level compiler if you want. I also
UPXed all of the binaries to reduce their size on disk (they still work

I mainly produced this for my workplace to use as an image for student
machines but I thought it might be useful for other people too. I expect
most of the people on this ML are bootstrapping their own Mercuries but it
might be useful for getting others into the language.

I've put the file onto Google Docs
rename it from .zip.not to .zip (Google Drive doesn't allow ZIPs
containing EXEs to be uploaded). Please don't make this link openly public
for bandwidth reasons.

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