[mercury-users] Mercury seems OK on Gentoo Linux/PS3

Julien Fischer juliensf at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Tue Mar 6 23:24:59 AEDT 2007

On Tue, 6 Mar 2007, Julian Fondren wrote:

> PS3 meaning the Playstation 3, running Gentoo Linux.  I built it
> normally, without any of the OpenBSD/zaurus gymnastics, and then
> ran the testsuite, to get:
> debugger/interactive in grade reg.gc

This is probably failing because dlopen() is not working on that

> debugger/declarative/throw in grade reg.gc

This is known to be broken.

> tabling/loopcheck in grade reg.gc
> tabling/loopcheck_nondet in grade reg.gc
> tabling/tc_loop in grade reg.gc
> tabling/tc_memo in grade reg.gc
> tabling/tc_memo2 in grade reg.gc

If you invoked the test suite manually (as opposed to via the
bootcheck script) then setting the environment variable
MERCURY_SUPPRESS_STACK_TRACE to `yes' should "fix" these failures.

> valid/ho_and_type_spec_bug in grade reg.gc

This is a known bug.

Out of curiosity have you tried bootstrapping the compiler on this
platform yet?

> which I take to mean that I should just avoid reg.gc on this
> platform, in favor of asm_fast.gc or hlc.gc

Why are you using reg.gc anyway?  The configure script should
only have chosen that if asm_fast could not work.

The preferred order of grades is roughly:

 	asm_fast or hlc

Depending on your application you may find one of asm_fast or
hlc faster (they're roughly the same with the compiler).  hlc
is generally a bit nicer for the C compiler since it doesn't
rely on various GNU extensions.

You'll take a fairly large performance hit if you use reg
in place of either of those grades, even more so for the none

(The hl grades should also be usable although they are less
useful since lco and tabling are not (currently) supported
in those grades.)

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