[mercury-users] Mercury seems OK on Gentoo Linux/PS3

Julian Fondren ayrnieu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 22:50:08 AEDT 2007

PS3 meaning the Playstation 3, running Gentoo Linux.  I built it
normally, without any of the OpenBSD/zaurus gymnastics, and then
ran the testsuite, to get:

  debugger/interactive in grade reg.gc
  debugger/declarative/throw in grade reg.gc
  tabling/loopcheck in grade reg.gc
  tabling/loopcheck_nondet in grade reg.gc
  tabling/tc_loop in grade reg.gc
  tabling/tc_memo in grade reg.gc
  tabling/tc_memo2 in grade reg.gc
  valid/ho_and_type_spec_bug in grade reg.gc

which I take to mean that I should just avoid reg.gc on this
platform, in favor of asm_fast.gc or hlc.gc

Although, speaking of asm_fast.gc , which grade it turns out
that I did not install on first pass, could mmc report something
nicer than

  ....bin/ld: cannot find -lmer_std

?  Or mention that error in the User's Guide?  Well, I didn't
have much trouble with it -- I found the answer very quickly
by searching mercury-users.

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