[mercury-users] Building Mercury library DLLs with grade IL?

Eric Taucher gluon at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 8 03:35:57 AEST 2007

I am curios to know if it is possible to install only the asm_fast.gc grade
of the compiler and then using only the built in Makefiles, generate the
Mercury libraries as DLLs with grade=IL. So far, all my attempts at this
have failed to some extent. Is this even a reasonable expectation given the
current state of the IL grade for the Mercury make process?


If so, how is it done?


The goal is to get Mercury to compile with .NET 2.0 and a change is
necessary for the current make process to use the linker (al) to link the
netmodules into the DLLs. The current make process works for .NET 1.0a. One
of my next actions for the change is to try and make just the libraries
using the installed Makefiles, thus the question.


Also, I have tried to post to the developer forum using 

mercury-developers at csse.unimelb.edu.au or mercury-developers at cs.mu.oz.au and
neither works; any suggestions.





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