[mercury-users] [feature request] (slightly) richer XML doc output

doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com doug.auclair at logicaltypes.com
Tue Apr 17 06:26:06 AEST 2007

Dear Peter,

Hello!  Sorry for the delayed response.  The information you outlined is 
useful, but let me frame the question in a different light, as I'm not sure
what you're offering is what will help me (it may, it's just I'm not sure).

Say I have a library-defining module:


:- module utils.

:- interface.

:- include_module utils.graph.
:- include_module utils.random.
:- include_module utils.series.
:- include_module utils.xml.

:- end_module utils.

(just a note for completeness: utils.xml is also a library-
defining module; whereas the other modules have implementation 

If your refinement has elements for each of the included modules,
then that is what I'm looking for.  However, if your refinement
somehow sees that (in this case) utils.xml, utils.graph, 
utils.series, and  utils.random is not being used by module utils'
implementation (because as a library-defining module, it only exports 
the sub-modules to create the protocol), and therefore does not include
these includes as elements, then I'm still stuck looking for other
means to build packaged library documentation.

So, I think I missed your point; do my ramblings add to the
confusion? (Hope not).

Doug Auclair

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