[mercury-users] Confusing Compliation Error.

Paul Bone pbone at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Wed Apr 4 15:27:55 AEST 2007

Hi Guys.

I'm getting a odd compliation error:

sh-2.05b$ mmake
mmc --compile-to-c --grade asm_fast.gc     -O6
--intermodule-optimization     space_partition > space_partition.err
make: *** [space_partition.c_date] Error 1
sh-2.05b$ less space_partition.err
space_partition.m:193: In clause for `find_basic_object_bounding_box(in)
space_partition.m:193:   out':
space_partition.m:193:   in argument 1 of call to function
space_partition.m:193:   mode error: variable `V_36' has
space_partition.m:193:   `unique(eval.cylinder(ground, free))',
space_partition.m:193:   expected instantiatedness was `ground'.

I've been modifing the ray-tracer to practice my mercury.  But this
error doesn't mean anything to me.  doing mmake clean; mmake doesn't
resolve it.


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