[mercury-users] Mercury Types Problem

Bob McKay bob_mckay at mac.com
Thu Jun 20 11:42:43 AEST 2002

Hi folks; probably a fairly trivial syntax problem this time:

On Tuesday, May 28, 2002, at 02:01 PM, Ralph Becket wrote:
> Tip: it's a good idea to name complex higher order types and modes:
> :- type eval_pred(T) == (pred(T, T, message, message, supply, supply)).
> :- inst eval_pred    == (pred(in, uo(individuals), out, out, mdi, muo) 
> is det).

I'm trying this as:

:- type eval_pred(Ind) == (pred(Ind, Ind, message, message, supply, 
:- mode eval_pred == (pred(in, out, out, out, mdi, muo) is det).

:- pred eval_ind(eval_pred(ind)).	%1
:- mode eval_ind(eval_pred).		%2

eval_ind(Uneval_ind, Eval_ind, Defmessage, Fitmessage, RS0, RS1) :-
	<clause body>

gives the error messages

eval.m:017: Error: no determinism declaration for exported
eval.m:017:   predicate `eval:eval_ind/1'.
eval.m:026: Error: clause for predicate `eval:eval_ind/6'
eval.m:026:   without preceding `pred' declaration.
eval.m:016: Error: no clauses for predicate `eval:eval_ind/1'.
eval.m:026: Inferred :- pred eval_ind((rep:ind), (rep:ind), 
(myutils:message), (
myutils:message), (random:supply), (random:supply)).

I'm assuming that the problem is the application of the type and
mode declarations at %1 and %2; unfortunately, I can't find any
description of how this should look in the reference manual, so I'd
greatly appreciate a summary of the syntax

	Many Thanks
	Bob McKay

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