[mercury-users] Redhat 7.3 / glibc / gc

Michael Day mikeday at yeslogic.com
Tue Jul 23 09:05:55 AEST 2002

> If the former fails, and the latter doesn't,
> then the solution will be to merge the recent changes
> into the GC.

Running gctest from Mercury rotd-2002-07-09:

Segfault at 0x1c
Unexpected bus error or segmentation fault

Running gctest from Boehm gc6.1alpha5:

Switched to incremental mode
Emulating dirty bits with mprotect/signals
Completed 1 tests
Allocated 648021 collectable objects
Allocated 101 uncollectable objects
Allocated 1250000 atomic objects
Allocated 10880 stubborn objects
Finalized 2206/2206 objects - finalization is probably ok
Total number of bytes allocated is 60797252
Final heap size is 5419008 bytes
Collector appears to work


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