[mercury-users] mercury-rotd-2002-02-07 on Sun

Michael Day mikeday at bigpond.net.au
Wed Feb 13 11:00:05 AEDT 2002

> Yes, we have built a binary distribution of mercury-rotd-2002-02-07
> for sparc-sun-solaris2.7.  However, it is not a "stable" release, i.e.
> it did not pass all the tests in our test suite.  Currently we're only
> putting the binary distributions for the stable releases on our ftp site.
> That's why it's not on the ftp site.
> Since you specifically asked for it, I'll put this one up on the ftp site
> (at <ftp://ftp.mercury.cs.mu.oz.au/pub/mercury/beta-releases/unstable/>).
> But beware that it is known to contain bugs...

What about:


Does that release pass the tests? I have no idea what the difference is 
between the mercury-rotd packages and the mercury-0.10.2-beta packages.

And what kind of bugs are exhibited on Solaris but not on Linux? (I'm 
assuming the Linux version passes the tests as it was available for 

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