[mercury-users] foreign_decl vs. foreign_code

Michael Day mikeday at bigpond.net.au
Tue Feb 12 15:05:52 AEDT 2002

> You can put #ifdefs around it to make sure it doesn't get defined multiple
> times.
> I believe I argued that this (or something similar) was a bug some time
> ago, and lost.

Looks like a bug to me, either in the implementation or failing that in 
the documentation:

   Definitions  of foreign language entities (such as functions or global
   variables) may be included using a declaration of the form...

The documentation goes on to describe it as being linked in, which 
certainly makes it sound like it shouldn't be duplicated. And as to the 
problem manifested in asm_fast.gc grade:

   Entities declared in `pragma foreign_code' declarations are visible in
   `pragma  foreign_proc'  declarations  that  specify  the  same foreign
   language and occur in in the same Mercury module.

So, something is wrong.


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