[mercury-users] unique modes, map, and arrays...

Erwan Jahier Erwan.Jahier at imag.fr
Fri Sep 28 19:32:31 AEST 2001


I want to use a data structure of type `map(string, array(int))', but
I run into problems when I try to set elements of the array because
of unique mode problems. A possibility would be to propagate the
unique mode work-around used in array.m for tree234.m and map.m ...
Indeed, in my tries to see whether adding new modes declarations in
the map library, I realized that the module tree234 (on top of which
map is implemented) contains unique mode declarations that are
commented out, waiting for the day unique mode works I suppose (BTW,
how far are mercury-devs from it?). Maybe I could simply reuse

Since this seems a little bit tedious (and <<patchy>>), I prefer
asking before if anyone here can see a better way to be able to set a
`map(string, array(int))'?

ps: I could also use `map(string, map(int, int))' instead of
`map(string, array(int))', but I don't like that solution too much,
as I want to store large amounts of data in the array (that I
therefore would like to be destructively updated).


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