[mercury-users] Oh B*gger (ICFP Contest)

Ralph Becket rbeck at microsoft.com
Mon Aug 6 22:21:07 AEST 2001

I've just found two stupid one line bugs that will eliminate my
entry from the contest.

They're both to do with space suppression.

1. It's the context of the last *printed* space that's important.
2. The test for whether two contexts are equivalent when printing
spaces includes the constraint that IF they are underlined THEN
colour matters.  I wrote `not ( A ^ u \= 0, A ^ colour = B ^ colour)'
rather than the obvious `( A ^ u \= 0 => A ^ colour = B ^ colour)'.

This one does bite on some of the test data they've published.

Rats...  I'm going to ask the judges if they'll let us know how
well the corrected entry did, even though it can't win now.

Just goes to show you can never do enough testing.

- Ralph
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