I need information on constraint satisfaction

Gabriela Figueroa Quiroz gfq at praxis.com.mx
Sat Mar 6 04:25:42 AEDT 1999

                                 [Apologies for multiple copies]

	I am Gabriela Figueroa and I work for Praxis. I am doing a research about 
the constraint satisfaction technique. I would like you to help me to get 
some information.

	Do you have any statistical information about problems solve with 
constraint satisfaction technique? I need any kind of information about how 
the time to find a solution is reduced when the constraint satisfaction 
technique is used instead of traditional techniques or other new techniques 
like genetic algorithms or tabu search. I know that the kind of problem 
determine which kind of search is better to use, but I want to know if you 
have information about the kind of problems in which it is better to use 
the constraint satistaction technique.

	I suposse that the time needed to find a solution is in function of the 
number of constraint variables that the problem has, the number of posible 
values that each constraint variable can take, the number of constraints 
involve in the problem and that it also depends on how the constraints 
reduce the number of values that the constraint variables can take. But I 
need to know how these things modify the time in which a solution is found. 
Do you have any information about that or do you know where should I look 
for this kind of information?

Thank you very much.
Gabriela Figueroa.

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