[mercury-users] Version 0.8?

Fergus Henderson fjh at cs.mu.OZ.AU
Mon Nov 16 16:01:39 AEDT 1998

Luke Evans, you wrote:
> I know I can always get a ROTD, but what's happening about the official 0.8?

0.8 should be released any day now.

All that remains now is a little more testing and fixing any new problems
that we discover during testing.  If no new bugs are found, I hope to be
able to announce the release tomorrow.  But "some time this week" would
probably be a more realistic estimate.

> This was originally slated for September, but I see no sign of it on the
> web/ftp sites.  I presume the delay is due to some big new features that are
> important for inclusion in 0.8 (?).

The main new feature that we've been working on is the debugger --
we've been making a lot of improvements to the debugger over the
last couple of months.  We've also put a bit of work into documenting
some of the newer features and a lot of work into fixing bugs.

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