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On-line business owners understand that the key to successful 
marketing is understanding their potential buyers.


<> EXACTLY how your website's viewers found you?

<> EXACTLY why some viewers call or order on-line, and others
      leave after only a few seconds?

<> DETAILED marketing information about EVERY person who 
     visits your site!

     Believe it or not, YOU CAN...with our professional analysis of
     your website's server logs.


A server log is a raw data file that is stored on the server 
hosting your website. When correctly interpreted, it becomes a 
precise record of how your potential customers are finding and 
using your website. 

Here is just some of the incredible information your server 
logs are waiting to reveal about your on-line shoppers:


       <> Did they use a search engine? - a  banner advertisement?
             -  or did they type in your web address?

       <> If they used a search engine, which one? What was the 
             exact keyword phrase they searched for to find you?
             (especially important)

       <> If they found you from a link on another website, which 
            site was it?



       <> Which pages do they visit? In what order?

       <> How many seconds do they stay on each page? 

       <> Which page do they most commonly leave your site 

Knowing *what* your on-line shoppers *do* is the absolute 
ONLY way to make intelligent, informed marketing and 
advertising decisions.
We've SAVED many of our clients literally  thousands of 
dollars from uninformed on-line marketing guess-work and 

We've MADE many of our clients even more by providing
the services their sites need to flourish.


So what can all this information do for your bottom line?

As mentioned above, server logs consist of raw data. Our 
analysis will turn that data into information that makes 
sense to your business.

Our services don't end there, however. What good is the 
information without a way to implement the solutions the 
information calls for?

Once we've analyzed your site and understand your shoppers, 
we feel we are in the best position to provide you with the 
specific services needed to take your site to the next level.

For every problem or opportunity that our server log analysis
uncovers, we can provide the answer your specific site needs.



Case Study #1   The Invisible Chocolate Store

Situation:   Mary C., one of our clients, has an on-line 
                     business that sells chocolate assortments. After 
                     several months in operation, her website still was 
                     only getting a few visitors per month.

Analysis:   Our server log analysis revealed that people could 
                    not find Mary's website on the search engines due 
                    to a poor ranking. 

Solution:   Keyword Targeted Entry Pages
                   Based on the keywords that people are searching for, 
                   we created several optimized "entry pages" so that 
                   when people SEARCHED for Mary's products, they
                   FOUND  Mary.

(80% of all visitors to a given website comes through the major 
search engines - Yahoo, Excite,  AltaVista, WebCrawler, HotBot, 
Northern Light, etc.) We specialize in drastically improving
website visibilty on the net.

A few months later, Mary's site was getting hundreds of
 visitors per week, and sales started to skyrocket!


Case Study #2   The Disappearing Surfer

Situation:  Tom W. has a website that sells computer accessories. 
                    He was getting several hundred vistors to his site 
                    each week, but was getting very few orders.

Analysis:   Our server log analysis revealed that 95% of all the 
                    traffic getting to Tom's site was leaving shortly 
                    after arriving to his homepage.

Upon further review of Tom's site, we found that the homepage 
was so graphicaly intense, it took far too long to download. 
People were leaving the site rather than waiting for the page to 
appear. We also found that some of the graphics were Javascript 
which would often cause browsers to malfunction. 

Solution:   Image Optimization

                   Our Image Optimization Team optimized the existing 
                   images on Tom's site to increase download time 
                   dramatically, and removed the Javascript to eliminate 
                   crashing problems.

Tom's orders increased by 50% within days.


CASE STUDY #3   Where's My Yahoo?

Situation:   Nick G. sells nutritional supplements for bodybuilders 
                    on the internet. While his traffic was fair, it wasn't 
                    where he knew it could be.

Analysis:   After a thorough study of his server logs, we found 
                   that noone could find Nick's site by using Yahoo - the 
                   most frequently used website search tool.

Solution:   Customized  Yahoo Evaluation Report

                    We put Nick in touch with our Yahoo Project Team. 
                    They studied his website in depth and mailed Nick a
                    detailed  report of their findings. The report explained
                    what changes to make and what steps to take to get
                    the  absolute best chance of a top Yahoo listing.

Nick resubmitted his site to Yahoo and was indexed immediately. 
His hits increased from 150 per month, to 6,000 in 3 months



Server log analysis solutions, which include compiling, analyzing, 
and reporting your website's server log data, begin at $195.

For information on any of our other solution services described 
above, please call us for a free informative consultation with 
one of our account representatives



Call   (410) 783-5402   to speak with a consultant.

If you've received this E-mail in error, or do not desire to 
receive any further mailings from us, please REPLY to this 
E-mail with the word "REMOVE" in the E-mail's subject line.

Thank you.

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