Using Mercury with egcs-1.1

Fergus Henderson fjh at
Fri Dec 18 03:21:12 AEDT 1998

When compiling Mercury programs using the egcs-1.1 version of gcc,
you need to use the gcc options `-fno-gcse -fno-function-cse'.
(It is possible this may also be needed for gcc 2.8.x --
I don't know for sure.)

The simplest way to do this is to apply the attached patch
to the Mercury source distribution before installing.

If you have Mercury already installed (e.g. using gcc 2.7.x),
you can manually add those options to the setting of `CFLAGS_FOR_GOTOS'
in the `mgnuc' and `mmc' scripts installed in the `bin' directory. 
Doing this is not necessary, but it may help to avoid unfortunate
surprises if/when you or your system administrator upgrades to a
new version of gcc.

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