[mercury-users] Type inheritance?

David Glen JEFFERY dgj at cs.mu.oz.au
Wed Sep 24 12:45:00 AEST 1997

> After a brief look at it I noticed that they also define superclasses,
> which I guess could also be used to define some kind of inheritance
> hierarchy.  Is this likely to be developed for mercury?

As Fergus has already mentioned, superclasses will be part of the Mercury

I just wanted to mention that, as far as inheritance goes:
	- Type classes on their own provide interface inheritance. The 
	  "typeclass" declaration makes an abstrace interface, and the
	  "instance" declaration inherits that interface.
	- Superclasses allow an interface to inherit an interface. It is 
	  similar to in, say, C++ having one abstract base class inheriting

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