[mercury-users] impose a computational rule

Erwan Jahier jahier at irisa.fr
Mon Jul 7 22:55:12 AEST 1997

Tyson Richard DOWD wrote:

> Is there a particular application
> you have in mind that would benefit from such controls?
Yes : I'd like to adapt in Mercury a program transformation for Prolog
that permiting to trace Prolog programs. This transformation insert
instructions (such that "write(call,Pred)") in the source code. It is
based on the definite search rules of Prolog. That's why, to adapt that
transformation, I need the clauses not to be reordered.

Another possible application : the missing answer anlysis of Lee Naish
(cf "A Declarative Debugging Scheme" JLP'97(3)) is based on a definite
search rule too. Maybe to adapt his scheme to Mercury programs it could
be useful to control the search rule ??? (this last remark could be
stupid ...)


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