[mercury-users] impose a computational rule

Tyson Richard DOWD trd at cs.mu.oz.au
Mon Jul 7 18:30:43 AEST 1997

> Hello,
> Is there (or will there) a way to impose a computational rule when
> solving a Mercury predicate ?
> (for example, depht-first search / left-to-right) 

Yes -- sort of. From the usage message (Mercury 0.6 at least):

Language semantics options:
(See the Mercury language reference manual for detailed explanations.)
                Execute conjunctions left-to-right except where the modes imply
                that reordering is unavoidable.
                Execute disjunctions strictly left-to-right.

(As it says, it is worth reading the semantics section of the user
manual for more information about this).

This will apply to the entire module, not just one predicate.

These are the only computational rule options presently available.  I
don't think there are any other planned additions (but I'm sure if I'm
wrong others will quickly jump in ;-). Is there a particular application
you have in mind that would benefit from such controls?

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