Can Mercury be used to build an API?

Peter Ludemann ludemann at wistaria
Tue Apr 1 12:15:33 AEST 1997

	[This was originally mailed to fjh at, but since it seems
	of general interest, I'm forwarding it to mercury-users.  -fjh.]

I'm casting about for a higher-level language for producing a library
... it needs to be C/C++-callable.  I looked through the Mercury
manuals and found hints about calling Mercury from C but couldn't
figure out the details.

So, can I easily create a C-callable API with Mercury?
It wouldn't be acceptable to do
       start_mercury();  call();  call();  stop_mercury();
but it would be OK to do
       obj = create_my_api_object();
         call(obj, ...);
         call(obj, ...);

[Assuming that create_my_api_object can create the Mercury
environment; and assuming that I could have multiple Mercury
environments if necessary, and that they would have fairly small


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