[m-rev.] Proposed changes to pqueue.m

Michael Richter ttmrichter at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 03:26:53 AEDT 2013

On 19 November 2013 00:11, Michael Richter <ttmrichter at gmail.com> wrote:

> I suggest having three versions:
>>  - peek, which returns both the key and the value
>>  - peek_key, which returns the smallest key
>>  - peek_value, which returns the value corresponding to the smallest key
> I'll implement it that way tomorrow.

And then I says to myself "never put off to tomorrow what takes five
minutes tonight".  Done.

Six predicates: peek, peek_key, peek_value, det_peek, det_peek_key,
Two functions: det_peek_key, det_peek_value.

> I prefer "unexpected($file, $pred, ..." since $pred already includes the
>> module name.
> Will change this tomorrow as well.

Also changed tonight.  Still awaiting word on 76 vs. 79 lines.

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