[m-dev.] testing "mmc --make-interface"

Zoltan Somogyi zoltan.somogyi at runbox.com
Wed Apr 8 04:38:31 AEST 2020

The attached trivial diff is a temporary fix for Mantis bug 499.
It is temporary because it fixes the symptom, not the cause,
which is that way we now decide what errors we detect and
report at "mmc --make-interface" time is in flux, and will be
for a while yet, until I finish the changes required to make it
possible to enable argument packing.

To help that process, I propose that we add two new test

- valid_make_int, which checks that running "mmc --make-interface"
  on a module succeeds.

- invalid_make_int, which checks that running "mmc --make-interface"
  on a module fails, and fails with the expected error output.

In both cases, if the test program has submodules, then we would run
"mmake test.depend" and "mmake test.int3s" beforehand. (We will
need to do something else for the grade  that don't support mmake,
but I don't yet know what.)

Are there any objections, counter-proposals, or simply
proposals for better names for the test directories?

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