[m-dev.] Proposed installation profiles

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You raise a good point, Paul,
I'm also curious about "./configure --enable-minimal-install", which would install asm_fast.gc for example, and --profile minimal would install hlc.gc.
For simplicity, should --enable-minimal-install be an alias for --profile minimal? It seems confusing otherwise.


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> Related question.
> Assuming we go with installation profiles.  Which profile should be the
> default.  I'm thinking of the scenario where a user doesn't read README or
> INSTALL (they should have).  And they do ./configure && make && make
> install.  What should they get? will they be surprised by the amount of time
> that make install takes?
> My thoughts are that the best solution for now is the "base" profile.  Maybe
> once make builds the library grades rather than make install we can change
> this to "developer".  I realize that moving the libgrades from make install to
> make doesn't actually save any time.  However the issue is that people don't
> expect make install to take so much time.  IMHO this is a reasonable
> expectation.
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